Sway Digital Advertising Services - Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search and Display ads with Google or Bing, Facebook Advertising, and LinkedIn Ads.

Spending money on online ads is easy.

making money with online ads is hard.

—  Search Advertising  —


Search advertising results in Bing.

Search Ads show up when you search for a term in Google or Bing. These ads work best when you are trying to reach people who are looking for something specific.

Search ads compete with other ads and organic searches. Keyword research, campaign design, and continual optimization are critical to achieving search ad success.

Search advertising results in Google.



 Axe display ads on the ESPN.COM website.

Axe display ads on the ESPN.COM website.

Display ads show up on websites that either belong to ad networks or sell their own ad space. These ads work best as a way to support your brand.

Display ads compete with the content on the page and with other display ads. Choosing the right audience and the right messaging is the key to getting results with Display ads.


—  Facebook Ads  —


Facebook advertisements.

Facebook Ads show up in a person's news feed. Facebook lets you target people by their interests and networks.

If you know the interests and demographics of your target audience, Facebook is a great way to go!


Facebook sponsored post.


  — LinkedIn AdS —


LinkedIn lets you target people by their work demographics, like job title and company size.

LinkedIn is best for B2B and as a supplement to your work social media campaign. 

LinkedIn ads and sponsored posts.